Steri 360 Kit

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Hand Sanitizer + body & Hand wash + Surface Disinfectant
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Information about Steri 360 Kit

 Product Use: Steri 360 is the hygiene protection your loved ones deserve.All three products are scientifically superior and clinically proven over 80 years, by the pioneers in infection control from Germany. The products are global are currently used across 57 Countries & have been in the Indian healthcare market for over 30 years, currently present in over 20K Indian medical facilities.It is a specialist's solution against 600 + infection causing microbes/germs. The formulation of Sterillium has been awarded the "Brand of the Century" as per German Standards.The formulations are based on WHO recommended alcohol content & meet the International gold standards in alcohol hand rubs. Scientifically superior and clinically proven over 80 years, by the Pioneers in INFECTION CONTROL FROM GERMANY. The Kit is highly recommended for Mothers, Caretakers, Medical Practitioners, Travellers, Post Surgical Patients.Together, the 3 products protect the three main areas susceptible to infections – HANDS, BODY AND SURFACES. Using them will allow you to touch your loved ones or surfaces around you without hesitation & explore daily life freely.