Aeromac Plus

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Nebulizer Portable
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Information about Aeromac Plus

 Product Use: Effective For Cough, Wheezing, Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis And Other Respiratory tract disorders Ensures medication is atomized into fine particles faster, reaching respiratory tract more effectively Average Nebulization Rate more than 0.3 ml/min. Compressor Pressure Range 40 to 50 Psi. Litre Flow Range 6-8 lpm. Aerosol output 3 microns( more than 75%) An ultra-compact compressor nebulizer system Equipped with nebulizer accessories for delivering quality aerosol Star lumen tube ensures continuous flow of air Light portable compressor weighing only 1.6 kg Air outlet port allows easy fixation with star lumen tubing Kit consists of: Compressor, Nebulizer cup, Tubing, Aerosol Masks (adult & child), “T” & mouth piece. Light portable compressor Easy fixation